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I have known Ash for the past 25 years and he has always had the heart and spirit of a true creative soul. I am the proud owner of some of his art work and his pieces receive numerous compliments from all those who see it. He is happiest when he is creating, whether it is art, writing or simply exploring and pushing the boundaries of his talent. I believe his greatest strength is that he is never satisfied by what he has achieved but more interested in what he will accomplish next.

Mahesh Prajapat, Chief Operating Officer, Children's Aid Society of Toronto

As well as being driven by his desire to be creative, he is also driven by strong core values which are rooted in kindness and compassion to his fellow man. Ash is always willing to give his time and lend a helping hand to those who ask or may be in need. Also, a loving husband and a wonderful father it has been a pleasure to watch Ash grow into the talented artist and generous human being that he has become.

Mahesh Prajapat, Chief Operating Officer, Children's Aid Society of Toronto

Ash Walani is a creative talent like no other. Of his many artistic talents and successes - graphic design, painting, fashion design - it is his innate care and commitment to clients that led to his wild success as the implementer of Wow Care. Selfless service comes naturally to Ash. It is the feather in his cap which he generously shares to help us all serve one another with the greatest kindness. Ash and his approach can make us all better and can elevate any business above and beyond any competitor!

Dawn Ashford, BSW, Professional Communicator, Speaker & Author

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